Special Packages/ Services

niki alz walkHelp with morning wake-up: If you or your loved one needs help getting up and around in the morning, our caregivers can help with getting out of bed, getting dressed, and get breakfast going.

Bedtime assistance: Just like the morning wake-up, our caregivers can provide specialized turndown assistance. They can get the bed ready, help with getting into bed, tucking in, making sure the room is at the right temperature, making sure there is an ample amount of fluids by the night stand, and can even get that little mint onto the pillow.

Special Event Caregivers

Take the stress out of a special occasion and focus on making it memorable and enjoyable for everyone by hiring a Brilliant Home Care Caregiver for elderly or special needs family members.  This will enable them to safely attend and enjoy functions outside of the home such as weddings, graduations, anniversary parties and more.  Our caregivers will assist your family member with getting ready for and being an active participant in the celebration.

Spiritual Care Services

Brilliant Home Care Caregivers can be a wonderful assistance in keeping clients connected with their local houses or worship and clergy, and/or assisting them in basic religious rituals at home and helping to take care of their spiritual needs.  Our caregivers will get your family member ready for and escort them to services.