Companionship Services

column3Homemaker/ Companions are caregivers who receive a special opportunity to be a lifeline and a friend to those that are homebound, or just need a little help around their home. Having a companion in your home allows you to maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and maintain a general independence that you would be otherwise be unable to.

Conversation and Companionship: Whether it is conversation and company, playing cards, reading with each other, or just eating a meal together, having someone visit with you can help make for a happier, healthier life.

Maintain a safe environment: Safety is a huge concern for both our clients and our caregivers. A main focus for the caregivers is to ensure that the home is safe for their clients and for anyone else who enters it. They can clear walkways and pathways of clutter, check electrical cords and wires, and observe for other safety hazards.

Arrange appointments: Coordinating medical and other needed appointments can be time consuming, not to mention tricky, for seniors. Our caregivers can arrange these appointments and maintain your calendar for you.

Monitor diet and eating: Some studies show that more than half of seniors living at home are either undernourished or malnourished.   Many are also dehydrated.  Our caregivers can help prevent these extremely dangerous problems by monitoring their food and fluid intake, assisting with or preparing nutritious meals, and/or helping those that have a challenging time feeding themselves.

Plan activities: Everyone has an activity they love, or an important routine they must follow. Caregivers can help by planning and assisting with these activities so your family member can maintain independence, keep their minds active, and have some enjoyment! Caregivers can arrange for friend and family visits, shopping outings, crafting and scrap booking activities, even help plan their clients’ next vacation!

Care for pets: To many of our seniors, their pets are their extended family members. Our caregivers can help you spend quality time interacting and caring for your “fur babies”, including walking feeding and taking to the vet and groomer.

Improve technology usage: Our caregivers can encourage meaningful television shows to sharpen and educate the mind. For those beginning to experience memory loss or dementia, trivia and puzzle games can help keep the mind active. For our clients that have access, computer use will be encouraged.

Receive and organize bills/letters: If your loved one is having problems remembering to pay the bills, our caregivers can receive and organize the mail so important bills and letters can be taken care of and filed.

Prepare grocery list: Caregivers not only prepare nutritious meals, they help prepare grocery lists as well. This includes clipping coupons, , checking on the food supplies in the home, and disposing of old or spoiled food. Our caregivers even do the shopping for you!

Transportation: Whether it is a hospital pickup, visiting a friend, a shopping trip, or a doctor’s appointment, our caregivers can provide the transportation needed to complete these tasks, therefore allowing our clients to maintain their independence.

Report any change in condition: One of the main reasons for having a caregiver in the home is to make sure that the client that is safe and secure. Our caregivers watch for and act quickly on any changes in condition, which means anything that appears out of the ordinary for that particular person, and the appropriate person will be notified.

Homemaker services are an extremely valuable service that our caregivers provide.  A clean home is a healthy home.

Light housekeeping:  Our caregivers can handle the upkeep of the home for our clients by doing such tasks as: clean the kitchen sink, appliances, counter tops, and cupboards; clean the bathroom showers, tubs, and toilets; vacuum the floor, dust the shelves, empty the trash, make the beds and straighten the rooms!

Kitchen maintenance: A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen. Bacteria found in raw foods can run rampant in an unsanitary kitchen.  Your caregiver can make sure the counter tops, dishes, pots and pans, floors, and cooking appliances are all clean and safe.

Laundry: Doing the laundry can be very tiring; our caregivers will wash, dry, fold and put away the clothing so you do not have to.

Change linens: There is almost nothing better than getting into fresh, clean sheets. Especially for an ill or bed-bound client, putting clean linens on the bed can ensure comfort and reduce the chances of developing bedsores.

Grocery shopping:  Grocery shopping services are important for a few reasons.  First, it can be a long and arduous process— from getting in and out of the car to pushing the cart around to loading and unloading the packages. Another is that a caregiver can ensure that the proper nutritious foods are being purchased for nutritional purposes.

Errand services: No matter the age, things away from the home simply need to be done. Our caregivers can pick up prescriptions, run out to the store, pick up dry cleaning, take you to the beauty salon, and anything else that you need.

Meal preparation and clean up: Many seniors do not get the chance to eat a well-balanced meal.   Your caregiver will prepare hot, delicious, nutritious meals. This gives our clients the opportunity to eat the nutritiously and enjoy favorite comfort foods as diets allow.

Bathroom maintenance: Along with the kitchen, the cleanliness of a bathroom is essential to the health of the person(s) using it. Caregivers can clean the tub, sink, shower, and sanitize the toilet for maximum health benefits.